Solagracia tenancy portal


Sola Gracia Property Group is specialised in commercial property investment and management as well as residential property development

Sola Gracia is looking for a new way on how to manage their property asset as well as providing excellent customer service for their clients and their investors.


Elixir Solutions Provider works closely with Sola Gracia to develop a new asset management system to provide user friendly system for the tenant to report any issue with the building and the system will notify building manager so they can resolve the issue quickly and effectively.

The system also keeps track of all the issues and notifies the tenant as well as building manager as it progressing to keep the tenant up to date.

The building owner can view any issues currently open and resolve as well as the response time to resolve the issue in real-time.


A simple, user friendly and effective asset management system that differentiate Sola Gracia from the rest.